My new logo

I have been really busy with design lately. I love it so much. And there is so much on the internet about it that I can just get lost in there. Almost forgetting everything else around me. Like a good book. 

I can give you one good tip though. Before embarking on the design journey make a list. I know I know lists again you're probably thinking. Here's why. 

  1. Figure out exactly where you want to go
  2. You will get lost so make a map
  3. Don't stray from your planned path and if/when you do write the steps down
  4. Talk to professionals; if you have them in person you're lucky and should really make good use of that, or find them online
  5. Visit one interest at a time.

What happened to me is that I dived in to design and started out with just wanting to learn how to make printables. Turns out there are multiple software programs to use for that. I went from Illustrator to InDesign to Photoshop to crazy. Totally lost it. Adobe is an amazing product and it blows your mind. I wanted to learn all about everything. How I wish I was a vampire so I wouldn't need to sleep.

But life got in the way and I had other things to tend to like my kids LOL.

So now I'm going to make my list. Better late then never. And try to stick to it. As soon as I find a format that works for me I will post it here. Wish me luck my friends!