The frustrated ME

Today I am very frustrated with myself. Time is just slipping away from my hands leaving me behind feeling utterly useless. Nothing worthwhile is coming from my hands. And I’ve been feeling like this for quite some time now. First I thought it was a lack of inspiration, and now it feels like I’ve had an overdose of inspiration. So much I want to do and make and so little time. What usually happens on a daily basis is that I wake up with a head full of to do lists. But then I sit  ...

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A freebie for you

Happy Tuesday! How did your week start? For me itΒ started with a national holiday which was great for getting some stuff done around the house. Somehow there’s always some cleaning up to do. One of the perks of a day like this is the screen time it gets me. Great for creating a couple of printables. I hope you like them. They are fall themed and completely free. Yeah! Download and print double sided for the best result. I use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. It’s free and fabulous. They  ...

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Website is ready

After a couple of busy days redesigning my website I am happy to say it’s finished. I still need to add some more content and visually interesting photos but those will come little by little. First I will be working on putting up some cute products in the shop for you guys to enjoy. Some planner stickers are coming. I will make them all digital so you can print and cut them out yourself on whatever paper you like. If there is something you want customized drop me a line and I’ll  ...

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